Five Bad Web Design Trends

Here are five 2019 rising trends in Web Design that have increasingly become popular and I feel like they are taking us back to 2005.

1. The Broken Browser Back Button

Everyone is used to the way this works. One click, one step back in a site's history.
Instead it throws you all the way back to the landing page or worse yet, Google! This breaks the multiverse.

2. Un-draggable Links

This is a pet peeve of mine since I often drag links to the top of the browser to quickly create new Tabs. I use a Wacom stylus all day, and it's become my default pointing device - dragging and dropping is second nature now.
Some sites don't allow this and some even disable the handy Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click shortcuts for opening New Tabs.

3. Progress Bars

We did this already people! Remember Flash? Seriously most websites don't need this.
It's especially slow if I only need a phone number and not all the images.

4. Hidden Login Buttons

I get it, on-boarding experience and whatnot. But you can't make it an adventure for existing users to simply Log In.
Why does it have to be several clicks for us?

5. All The Above

There's a fine line between Interactive Experience and User Experience.
Don't sacrifice one for the other.

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